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Could I use Cypress's West Bridge to build an USB Key ? | Cypress Semiconductor

Could I use Cypress's West Bridge to build an USB Key ?

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Firstly say hello to all:) I want to build one kind of USB key,it has two USB connectors, when we connect it to two PCs via USB port, this two PCs can access its data simultaneously. We want to use Cypress's West Bridge Astoria as key solution. West Bridge Astoria already have one USB port, we will use another component, FX3S for example, convert P port to USB so that it have another USB port. Because this USB key want to be used under DOS or EFI or WinPE environment, my question is: for the USB port on Astoria chip, could it be recognized under DOS or EFI as normal USB key does ? or it only can be used under Windows by corresponding SW driver support ? I like to confirm before we move forward, thanks you very much in advance! 

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The USB Keys built using Fx3S or Astoria can be detected as normal mass storage devices. But I did not properly understand your application, especially with the P-port of FX3S. How would you like to use the p-port of FX3S?


- Madhu Sudhan

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