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copy fifo buffer

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i have a problem

I'm trying to implement a loop back similar to exemple bulkscr but i want not to use the autopointer for copy endpoint out to enpoint in (for read my write). I would like access to ram by make the copy directly.

I tried to use the command

 for (i=0;i<512;i++)
    EP6FIFOBUF[i] =EP2FIFOBUF[i];    // EP2 OUT and EP6 input

but doesn't work

is the assigment correct for fifo ram buffer?


thanks a lot

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 Hi Aasi


I put my questtion in another way.....

If i send data to EP6 output endpoint from host, if i call by firmware EP6FIFOBUF[i] do i have in this array the data sended by host?

please help me




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       Yes, you can access the fifo contents by firmware but FIFOshould be configured for Manual mode. For more details on manual and automode please look into section 9.3.4 Auto-In / Auto-Out Modes of TRM-page 111. You can configure FIFO modes using EPxFIFOCFG register.

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Excuseme, I'm in holiday i could not answer

Thanks for your answer, i will try your tip next week. I'll keep you informed.

I leaved EPXFIFOCFG by default so i will try to change it.

Mybe the problem can be also that i leave enabled the autopointer.....

I will Try



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