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can i get i2c_hw.c ? | Cypress Semiconductor

can i get i2c_hw.c ?

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i want use i2c of fx2lp. but i can not found i2c_hw.c could you please give to me ?


also i have questions


1. if i use EZUSB_READ or EZUSB_WRITE of EZUSB.LIB, am i need i2c_hw.c file?

2. can i use vendor command insted i2c function of i2c_hw.c? is this same work?



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Did you mean i2c_rw.c file? What did you mean by i2c_hw.c? i2c.c and i2c_rw.c file can be found at the location "C:\Cypress\USB\Target\Lib\LP" after installing FX2LP DVK.




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