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Can i ask about ezusb.sys or cyusb.sys? | Cypress Semiconductor

Can i ask about ezusb.sys or cyusb.sys?

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Now i can not find cyusb.sys source code but i have question. 

When i have add value to timeout or maximumtransfersize from 64*1024 to 256*1024,

What happen ? 

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Please download Source code package for Cypress SuperSpeed USB Suite for Windows (CyAPI, CyUSB, CyUSB3) - See ReadMe.txt for details to get the source code of CyUSB3.sys.
You can use CyUSB3.sys for your application. It can do what all CyUSB.sys can do and also it can handle USB 3.0 transfers.
This can be downloaded from the following webpage:

Coming to time out value,
Xferdata function returns failure if it does not receive any data with in that time out value. You can change this parameter before calling Xferdata function.

Let say you are using 512 as maximumtransfersize then every time host application allocates 512 bytes of memory in the driver and requests 512bytes of data from the device. If you change it to 64 *1024 (64KB) then every time it asks for 64KB of data. If device has continuous stream of data then increasing the maximumtransfersize values helps in getting better throughput numbers.

Sai Krishna.

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