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BULKIN USB Host | Cypress Semiconductor


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      I am new to this USB stuff. I am trying to learn and trying to build a USB board for our camera manufacture by our company. I am still in early steps of learning. I have a Cypress fx2lp development kit. I have played with most of the firware examples and tested with CyConsole.exe. I have created a BulkIn firmware code which sends 512 bytes to host and I tested with Cyconsole and it runs fine. Next step, I want to read this data in my own VC++ application using CyAPI. That's where the problem came. When I download the BulkIn hex code using Cyconsole I even cannot open the device anymore in my vc++ application. If i reset the Cypress development board the VC++ code run fine. I am just doing this

CCyUSBDevice *USBDevice = new CCyUSBDevice();

unsigned char noDevices = USBDevice->DeviceCount();

for(int i=0;i<noDevices;i++) {





As i said earlier, when i don't download the BulkIn firmware code, the above code runs fine but when i download the BulkIn program it doesn't work


Please help me as I know, I must be doing something wrong.



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Please go through


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