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Bulk In on Windows8

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Does anyone have Bulk In working with Windows 8? I have an application that has worked for years on XP and 7 but simply will not work with Windows 8. Ive tried with the same hardware on both win 7 and 8 - with CyUSB and with CyUSB3 - the win8 installation always fails Bulk In request with 997.
Im suspecting a URB issue, but just want to know if Im chasing the impossible or not?

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 Which USB controleer are you using?


use USBlyzer to check the USB trace.


if you are getting 997 means probably there is no data in the BULK endpoint .




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part number: CY7C68013A100AXC-TQFP100

I have used Microsoft Message Analyzer - that shows the Bulk In Request was Cancelled. IT says "URB information missing". Helpfully it doesn't say what is missing though. I will try with the analyser you suggested.
The board works perfectly well with windows xp & windows 7.

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