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BULK IN transfer failed | Cypress Semiconductor

BULK IN transfer failed

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Good morning all,

Am trying to transfer a data from cypress to fpga and transfer data in from fpga to cypress board. For this am reffering AN61345 application note of from cypress. We downloaded the sample source code mentioned in this application note.

We interconnected cypress board with FPGA board(spartan 3AN), then am dumping slave.hex file to cypress board using usb control center. Then we dumping fx2lp_slavefifo2b_loopback_fpga_top.bit by using xilinx platform cable. After both device get successfull programmed, we were using usb conntrol center, we following same procedure as given in AN61345 app note.

First we selecting bulk out endpoint (0x02), then am selecting transfer out button or transfer file out button (for 512_count.hex)  to transfer data to FPGA board. Then am selecting bulk in endpoint(0X86) for getting data from fpga to cypress board.

But am getting error message as bulk in transfer failed with error code:997.

Please tell me how to solve this problem?




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 Hi Vimala,


Two things could be the reason.


One is the project that you modifed for spartan 3AN is not proper or the connections between the Spartan 3An and the FX2LP are not proper.




When doing bulk in transfer for usb 3.0(CYUSB3KIT-001), this is the error generating please help on this.....

Thank you.

BULK IN transfer 
BULK IN transfer failed with Error Code:997

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