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Anyone using WinUSB? | Cypress Semiconductor

Anyone using WinUSB?

Summary: 2 Replies, Latest post by andrewsobotka on 22 Mar 2010 04:39 PM PDT
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We are having some really random heap corruption issues calling cyusb.sys DeviceIOControl functions from managed code using IOCompletion ports. I can run my device and process millions of transactions using this code before it crashes. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to crash sometimes takes 12 hours...

Anyway, I wanted to try a different driver just to see if, perhaps cyusb.sys was at fault.

I can try Jungo free for 30 days but balk at paying the price for the drivers if somehow switching over solves my problem. So, I was thinking of using the generic WinUSB drivers...(I realize of course I'll have to re-write parts of my code for the MS API) I am also not using any Iso endpoints either. So, It should work.

I'm just wondering if anyone here has had any success with drivers other than CyUSB.

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WinUSB is working good.

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I was going to look at WinUSB but that was before Cypress provided 64-bit driver support.

Do you remember to pin *all* objects that were allocated by managed code, including the Single Transfer buffer?

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