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Anyone has succefully added new nand flash to NX2LP? | Cypress Semiconductor

Anyone has succefully added new nand flash to NX2LP?

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Hi, Guys:

I am using the stand alone NX2LP-Flex board(taken from the CY3686 kit and the board is populated with CY7C68033 for U1) to use Samsung's K9HBG08U1M or K9WAGo8U1A, both chips are 2k/page nand flash. I have encountered the following problem:

1) the NX2LP Programmer Utility stopson "identifing device", no pop-up dialogs come up as expected to allow me to add nand chip profiles. Why this machine does not pop up the "add new part" dialog?

2) I then use a second PC which can go untill to pop up the "add new part" dialog. Then I added the new parts as required and restarted the NX2LP Programmer Utility. the device can be identified. But when programming button is pressed, the utility reports "FAT32 formatting failed.."

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 I am having the same issue..

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 Hi Sachin,


Which Nand flash are you using? Is it the same as the ones mentioned in the post above? 

Can you just try with a different sample of the Nand flash, just to figure out if it is a Nand issue.




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