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AN61345 violates timing

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The aplication note proposes to react to a flag within a single cycle.

When I take the Clock to FLAGS output propagation delay of 9.5/13.5 ns how am I supposed to react to it within one period of 20.83 ns without violating the 18.7/12.7 ns setup time of SLRD or 10.4/12.1 ns of SLWR? As this is clearly not possible and I have not found a single implementation caring, what would be the correct way to implement it?

Also I couldn't find any information weather it is legal to assert SLRD while the FIFO is empty or SLWR while full. Can anyone point me to that information?

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Hi Markus,

Sorry for incorrect info about the timing, I'll check internally and let you know soon, please use the timings used in AN61345 FPGA projects for now.

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