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AN58764 Virtual COM Port - How about Linux ? | Cypress Semiconductor

AN58764 Virtual COM Port - How about Linux ?

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I've got dev board with FX2LP and fpga. I've done some test's with provided example and tutorial under Windows; I have Cypress chip emulating COM port, with rx and tx lines connected to FPGA. I can send messages and commands with hyperterminal to FPGA, it work flawlessly. Eeprom is programmed, so it enumerates as COM port propely after power on. On Linux it is seen as : Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04b4:4717 Cypress Semiconductor Corp. , but none of /dev/ttyS standard ports.

How to enable this? For Windows there are .inf and .sys driver files. Are there any for Linux? Are those needed anyway? (for CY7C68013A as virtual com only)


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Since your device is a virtual com port device, it should come up under /dev/ttyACM and not /dev/ttyS. Please check on this.




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