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AD7619 interface to GPIF of FX3 | Cypress Semiconductor

AD7619 interface to GPIF of FX3

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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to implement USB to ANALOG camera bridge using FX3 USB 3.0.

Hereby I am attaching datasheet of decoder from Analog Devices.

The concept is to accept analog CVBS input using AD7619, BT.656 output of decoder will be received by FX3.

And then FX3 will stream it over USB 3.0 port.

I have seem many examples of csi based image sensor interface, I would to know if anyone tried similar application.

​What can be necessary precautions/ consideration that must be taken care of before getting started this kind of application?

Please suggest.


Shivam K.

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We have so far not tried interfacing Bt.656 format with FX3. But it seems to be feasible. Make sure the clock must not exceed 100 Mhz.


- Madhu Sudhan

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