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about Windows7 and cyusb.sys(maybe cyapi) | Cypress Semiconductor

about Windows7 and cyusb.sys(maybe cyapi)

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       i use the cyusb.sys (The driver of Window xp version) and the cyApi,the speed of usb can   reach about 30M/ S, but if i use the cyusb.sys(The driver of Window 7 version),the speed is very slow,   The application code is exactly the same,                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In addition: In the application code, i use  BeginDataXfer、WaitForXfer、FinishDataXfer  and  the code is used to  capture camera data, the preview size maybe 640X480, 800X600,1600X1200 or 30M, in window7,if the usb is too slow,then i can not  capture  complete frames,  this problem disturbed me greatly! who can help me????


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Please run screamer/streamer with cystream firmware loaded on FX2LP and look at the performance number. This would give a better idea as to whether there is a problem or should your host application be optimized for better performance.



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