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68013a: how to download bix file to ram | Cypress Semiconductor

68013a: how to download bix file to ram

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   I need to download firmware for 68013a in my software, but I don't want to parse the hex format file, so i tried to download another format firmware.

   I used the Download button on EZ-USB Interface software panel to download a hex format firmware to 68013a, I notice that I also can choose .bix format file when I select a firmware file, so I used the hex2bix.exe and try to convert a hex file to a bix file, such as : hex2bix -i -o bulkloop.bix bulkloop.bix; and it shows the successing information, but when i download the bix file to 68013, I did not see the expect result, and 68013 does not renum.

  Did i catch the wrong meaning of the bix file download? If I can only download hex file, so how to parse hex file in my software? especially the address convertion.



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Install CY3684 DVK from the link installing you can use Control centre to download the hex file to Cy7c68013A RAM.

Control centre will tke of parsing the hex file format.You can get the control centra source along with the DVK contents.




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 Also, you can convert it to bin with keil hex2bin.exe and then choose this file as binary to download via CyConsole.

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