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68013 software problems

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I tried to iterate through the UsbDeviceList but have no success because the List is empty (I cannot understand why) .

The usbDevices.Count always be 0 whatever the dev-Board is pluged in or not .

pls help ~~

public Form1()



// Setup the callback routine for updating the UI

updateUI = new UpdateUICallback(StatusUpdate);

// Setup PnP event handling

evHandler = new App_PnP_Callback(PnP_Event_Handler);

// Create a list of CYUSB devices

usbDevices = new USBDeviceList(CyConst.DEVICES_CYUSB, evHandler);



public void setDevice()


if (usbDevices.Count > 0)

loopDevice = usbDevices[0x0547, 0x0080] as CyUSBDevice;

StartBtn.Enabled = (loopDevice != null);

if (loopDevice != null)

Text = loopDevice.FriendlyName;


Text = "Bulkloop - no device";

// Set the in and out endpoints per the selected radio buttons.

EptPair1Btn_Click(this, null);


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This is because DriverGUID is not registered in the registry. In the inf file used take care that it registers driver guid in the registry...

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