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Soure an entire OUT packet without host communication | Cypress Semiconductor

Soure an entire OUT packet without host communication

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I try source a complete OUT packet to the slave fifo interface.

Pipe 4 is in manual mode and all packets from the host need to be commited to send out to the peripheral device (FPGA).

This works fine, but i need to commnicate with the FPGA without host interaction.

I follow the example code from the TRM.

I see the new sourced packet comming out to the FPGA only when a packet is received on pipe4 from the host.

What do I missing here?


     if( EP24FIFOFLGS & 0x20 ) {
        SYNCDELAY; //
        FIFORESET = 0x80; // nak all OUT pkts. from host
        SYNCDELAY; //
        FIFORESET = 0x84; // advance all EP4 buffers to cpu domain
        SYNCDELAY; //
        EP4FIFOBUF[0] = 0x0; // create newly sourced pkt. data
        SYNCDELAY; //
        EP4BCH = 0x00;
        SYNCDELAY; //
        EP4BCL = 0x40; // commit newly sourced pkt. to interface fifo
        // beware of "left over" uncommitted buffers
        SYNCDELAY; //
        OUTPKTEND = 0x84; // skip uncommitted pkt. (second pkt.)
        // note: core does not allow pkts. to get out of sequence
        SYNCDELAY; //
        FIFORESET = 0x00; // release "nak all"

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You're skipping the packet that is being commited by writing OUTPKTEND = 0x84;. This is the most probable reason behind the issue.



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