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PC as device

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I was referred to Cypress by Microsoft in response to a query about their Device Simulation Framework. I need to hook up two PCs, presumably with something in between, that will allow the "host" PC to be controlled by the "development" PC, which is being used to develop a device. The "host" is constrained to expect a particular device, which I am trying to emulate. Surely I'm not the first to want to do this?

Does Cypress have something that can help? Can someone refer me to a "how to get started" document?

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http://www.cypress.com/?rID=12946 check out this app note... it interfaces FX2LP GPIF/Slave FIFO interface with the GPIF/Slave FIFO interface of another FX2LP... using this you should be able to communicate between two PCs... In USB protocol the PC will always be the host and you would have to poll the endpoint or do something like that to achieve your required purpose... Do you have a suitable design algorithm in hand....

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