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Interfacing an EC using CCGx | Cypress Semiconductor

Interfacing an EC using CCGx

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We are trying to integrate the CCG3 (using the CY4531 kit) with an embedded controller (EC) so that we can interact with the PD-negotiation process. However, we can't find any documentation of the I2C interface or example on how to use the HPI interface. Are there any pointers for this?

Also, is there a guide for how to setup runtime debugging between PSoC Creator and the CY4531 kit? Should we use the SWD-port this and a MiniProg? Or can it be done using the USB port we use for uploading the firmware. Couldn't find any documentation around this.

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Only EZ_PD configuration  utility and MiniProg3 can be completed on the development of CYPD3121?

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