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How to read/write to I2C via C# dot.Net Application | Cypress Semiconductor

How to read/write to I2C via C# dot.Net Application

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I'm about to implement a software (C# Windows Application) to communicate with my I2C Hardware via a CY7C68013a.

I started using the CYUSB.dll and was able to find the USB Device. Unfortunately I'm stocked now.

How can I implement a I2C transaction between my software and the hardware?
Do you have a example for this?


Thanks a lot
Best regards from germany

Bernhard Waechter

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Tne I2C Transfer can be done using Vendor requests. Refer to the Control Center C# source code for how to implement vendor requests. Your FX2LP Firmware should be able to handle vendor requests and perform I2C Transfers,


-Madhu Sudhan

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Hello Madhu,

thanks for your fast reply. I already got it working with using Vendor Requests.

We can close this ticket.

Thanks a lot
Regards Bernhard

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