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GPIF for serial to parallel conversion | Cypress Semiconductor

GPIF for serial to parallel conversion

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I'm thinking of using a bank of serial ADCs (AD1871 and connecting it to the GPIF.

The data is clocked in serially at about 24MHz with a 3 pin bus:

- enable

- data

- Clock

Initially this would work but just connecting the data to D0, reading in a whole byte into a FIFO (which would either be 0x1 or 0x0), transferring the whole byte over USB and doing the serial to parallel conversion on the host. Ugly but possible.

-Is it possible to program the GPIF to convert the data from serial to parallel? (thereby saving USB bandwidth)

-If yes, If I connected 2 banks of serial ADCs two 2 pins (e.g D0 and D8), but with the same clock and different chip enable, is it still possible? How about 8 banks ?

- If no, is there a better way of connecting this device to an FX2?

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