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Download firmware in EEPROM requests

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I have some problems to reenumerate my CY7C64713, si I just try to write the first bits: 'C0 04 B4 03 10 00 00 00' through a .iic file. I'm certainly wrong about the way to write it in the EEPROM but as I read in some example program and in some article in the site I may need to use another request as A2 or A6 or A9 (i'm not using a large EEPROM).

In my program which upload the "firmware" I reset the 8051 an hold it off (by writting 1 in the address 0xE600 with the request A0, this works fine) then I send the firmware (using the command 'write' of the CyAPI at the address 0x0000). I turn on the 8051 and use the ReConnect command.

But even if I unplug and reconnect the device I don't have the good enumeration.

As I read:

The bRequest value 0xA0 is reserved for this purpose. It should never be used for another vendor request. Cypress Semiconductor also reserves bRequest values 0xA1 through 0xAF; devices should not use these bRequest values.quote>

in the technical reference manual I first want to ask what are the different 'Ax' commands?

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You will have to download vend_ax example to the device and then use A2 vendor command to write to small eeprom and A9 vendor command to write to large eeprom....

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