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Doubts regarding CY7C67300 | Cypress Semiconductor

Doubts regarding CY7C67300

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I am using CY7C67300 USB Controller in coprocessor mode.I have a PCB with a MC9S12XDP512 microcontroller connected to this chip and i am not using RTOS.can anyone suggest how to work on it.  is it required to separately dump the code in CY7C67300 controller. can anybody provide sample code.

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 You can download code to CY7C67300 through the interface(HPI,SPI or HSS)  which is used to communicate with MC9S12XDP512.

 There are some sample codes provided without OS from Xilinx ML403 webpage "ML403 USB demonstration" section at

 For sample code go through de2_app in C:\Cypress\USB\OTG-Host\Source\coprocessor\de_app.





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