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CY7C64713加载固件问题 | Cypress Semiconductor


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CY7C64713上电能正确被识别,用CyControl或者CyConsole加载Examples中固件(比如Bulkloop)到到RAM不能被电脑识别,但是加载同样一个固件(Bulkloop)到64KB EEPROM却能被正确识别,请教这是什么原因?

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can you please confirm which boot mode your CY7C64713 is in?

If there is one active EEPROM on I2C line, CY7C64713 will have higher priority to boot from EEPROM than RAM, and load the firmware into RAM.

For more details, you can refer to the chapter 3.2 EZ-USB Startup Modes on the EZ USB TRM, linker :



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