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CY7C64613 status

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What is the status of CY7C64613 microcontroller? It is not present on obsolete products list. It is not listed on product page. I found link to DS in (ID: kku03021901) post but it doesn't work.

If this is obsolete can you recommend replacement with similar or the same functionality?

Thank you in advance,


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The CY7C64613 device is on the 'Not Recommended for New Designs' (NRND) status. This means that although this product is not obsoleted, yet Cypress will only support existing designs with this device.

If you are looking at a new design for which you needed this device, you can use the CY7C64355-48LTXC, which belongs to the newer enCoRe V family and is a FS USB MCU.

Note that the CY7C64355 is a functional replacement for the CY7C64613, not a drop-in pin-to-pin compatible replacement.



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we search also information about the CY7C64613-52NC but we can't find it.

Give it a drop in replacement for this.

Or a replacement for existing hardware and software?

When is pin configuration different we can make an adapter. 

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Hi ,


FX1 (CY7C64713) is the functional replacement for the the part CY7c64613. Please refer the link




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