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Can't prime CY7C683000 | Cypress Semiconductor

Can't prime CY7C683000

Summary: 0 Replies, Latest post by malcolmbebb on 03 Oct 2008 07:14 AM PDT
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We have a test set using primer.exe to prime CY7C683000 devices.

The host PC crashed and was re-installed with XP (including a reformat).

Primer.exe runs, but no longer detects new devices.

I have tried installing the drivers that came on the AT2LP CD, but it makes no difference. There is no installer as such on this CD.

If I plug the unit in without primer.exe, it comes up with Found New Hardware AT2LP RC42, but won't recognise any of the available .inf files.

If I then plug the unit into a machine with a working installation, the device primes OK. I need to get the test machine working again.

Anyone got any ideas?



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