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Windows Console Application Source for Superpseed devices | Cypress Semiconductor

Windows Console Application Source for Superpseed devices

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Hey anyone,

I'm just not finding that the PC application sources supplied for the FX3 development kit are cutting it as a starting point for a Windows application. The C++ projects require MFC libraries and my compiler does not support it. The C# apps are, well C#... Does anyone have a nice old C/C++ application with source that shows the basics of what needs to be done to setup and transfer data to/from superspeed endpoints? Nothing fancy is needed, I just want to verify exactly what is being sent back and forth. I know from my logic analyzer in my FPGA that it isn't always what the Cypress supplied applications are telling me. I can write C code to get the functionality that I want.

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There are two example applications that comes with Cypress SuperSpeed USBSuite. Bulkloop and Streamer. I think these applications should explain you the way to communicate with the specific endpoints of the device. Are you complaining about these two examples itself.


sai krishna.

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