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warm reset to diffent resolutions in minicamera | Cypress Semiconductor

warm reset to diffent resolutions in minicamera

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I am building a minicamera that can handle 1080p, 720p, 480p using UVC.  At startup in CyFxApplicationDefine, I create a thread that handles all the inits and gets things going.  During that time, I also init the camera via SetRegValue.  It is from there that the camera is set for the resolution of interest among many other things.  Fine.  I can do each at start up.  Now I need to do this dynamically.



Has anyone come across a way to cause a warm restart, such that I can code it to perform a clean up and then restart things dynamically with different resolutions as defined in the descriptor, etc?


In reviewing USBBulkSourceSink, I noticed that there are USBEvent types CY_U3P_USB_EVENT_SETCONF, CY_U3P_USB_EVENT_RESET, CY_U3P_USB_EVENT_DISCONNECT for SET_CONF, RESET and DISCONNECT events which are received from the USB host.  However, I also see that there are vendor controls such as 0x90/0xE0 (for this case) that can request to switch control back to the boot firmware or reset the Fx3 device.  What would be the correct implementation for what I am attempting to do?

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