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using Control endpoint failed | Cypress Semiconductor

using Control endpoint failed

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 Hi ,

I download the FW(USBBulkSourceSink) and try using the Contorl Center to send data by control endpoint (0x00).

but message always show 


CONTROL OUT transfer  

CONTROL OUT transfer failed with Error Code:997

I found in the firmware ,  CyU3PUsbGetEP0Data and CyU3PUsbSendEP0Data retrun state always
I didn't modify anthing in the firmware!
If I change the Req code = 0XE0 , the device will reset!
In my case, I want to send command to device and recive from the device by the ControlEndpoing!
How can I slove this problem ?
Did i lose any step ?
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1.  If you are trying to send EP0 commands, why have you kept the "Direction" as "In"?

2.  "Req type" should be "Vendor".

3.  "Req code" 0x00 is not defined in the Application.  Please check th program for supported Req codes.

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I know the problem,

Thank you for your reply.!!


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