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UsbVideoClass Example problem | Cypress Semiconductor

UsbVideoClass Example problem

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The UsbVideoClass example compiled correctly. (I didn't modify it)

I programmed the FX3 RAM, it reconnected as an "Imaging Sensor (Webcam)" under Windows but it's not recognized by any video player (AMcap, VLC, etc). Nor it is shown in the USB Control Center.

For "not recognized" I mean those programs can't even find it. They report "no video devices found".

From the device properties I can see that

"The device is working properly"

and the drivers assigned to it are usbvideo.sys and ksthunk.sys

What could be wrong?

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Were you able to see the "USB Composite Device" under the list of USB Controllers in device manager? (with hardware ID 0x04b4)?

Create a Tech Support case with us with the snapshot of how the device appeard in the device manager.


- Madhu Sudhan

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Yes I was.

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