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USBBulkLoopAuto and Eclipse directory

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 Hi! I'm trying to test the FX3 DVK using USBBulkLoopAuto as suggested in AN75705,

but cannot find any Eclipse workspace directory neither USBBulkLoopAuto.IMG.

All I have is:

...\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.2\firmware\basic_examples


cyfxbulklpauto_cpp      and      cyfxbulklpautoenum

folders wich contain file with extensions different from .img


Where can I find USBBulkLoopAuto.IMG?

thank you!



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 I'm working on windows 7 32bit. Thank you!

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 When starting Eclipse for first time, it asks you to create a workspace.

By default the path is (for eg. in my PC) : C:\Users\nikl\workspace


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