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USB3.0 to disks write blocker solution - considering FX3 | Cypress Semiconductor

USB3.0 to disks write blocker solution - considering FX3

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 Hi all,

We are developing an OEM board that can read SATA/eSATA/IDE/USB3.0/USB2.0/SCSI disks' data to PC via USB3.0, but blocking any write operations from PC. I guess this can be done with the following schematics:


[PC] <--(USB3.0)---> FX3<--(GPIF)-->FX3<---(USB3.0)--->USB3.0 Hub<---->Varies bridges<----> [User disk interfaces]


The FX3 chips are connected back-to-back. they block any write operations from PC, while keeping other operations go through.



1. Is this solution feasible?

2. Any better or lower cost solutions possible?

Our team is new to USB3.0. I'll be appreciate for any response.





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Your design is Ok.

But please look at this part of your design "FX3<---(USB3.0)--->USB3.0 Hub".

In this, I believe, you are going to use Fx3 as a host.

Please note that FX3 can support only USB 2.0 (high speed)  in host mode. In device mode, it can suppoprt both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.



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For details on using FX3 as a HS/FS host, refer the following link.

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