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usb3.0 controller, Surge, ESD,

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I used the usb3.0 controller (CYUSB301X) for USB camera.

A few days ago, cameras did not working.

I supply 5V power for usb_vbus using 5V SMPS then I found power off surge. ( max : 7~8V , 10~20 nano second )


I wonder this power off surge can give a damage to CYUSB301X ?

The operating condition is 3.2V~6.0V of this chipset.

But can give a damage to the chipset through the very short time (10~20 nano seconds , not micro second) ?


Please refer to attached picture.


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Yes, it can get damaged.

What do you mean by not working? Is it powering up? Is the board getting recognized by the PC?

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