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USB3 camera halts with Windows10 | Cypress Semiconductor

USB3 camera halts with Windows10

Summary: 1 Reply, Latest post by Madhu Sudhan on 29 Jan 2016 04:29 AM PST
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The USB3 camera implemented based on AN75779 is stopped connected to Windows 10 PC. Checking the output information shows the clear_feature request causes the FX3 code hang on waiting for the stream comite request. The video viewer is not closed in this case. Is there any one know what causes the host sending clear_feature request without closing video viewer? and how to solve the problem. I would appreciate any help.



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This might be specific to windows 10, however we haven;t tested this before. In this case, when you receive clear feature, please check if the streamingStarted flag is True or False. If the flag is false (When the streaming hasn;t started yet), just ACK the clear feature request without doing anything else.


- Madhu Sudhan


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