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USB 3.0 SWITCH, TX/RX MATCHING | Cypress Semiconductor


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I've a MAX14978 which is a USB 3.0, 1 input to 2 outputs switch.

I'm using this switch to deviate signal from FX3 into two devices.

I've made a simple test PCB just for the switch (2 layers), but the super speed doens't work. USB 2.0 works fine.

I've paired the differential TX/RX traces of the connectors in this way:

input TX -> output TX

Input RX -> output RX

I'm wondering if this pin matching is correct or shall I make it in the following way:

input TX -> output RX

Input RX -> output TX

or it doesn't matter at all because USB 3.0 can automatically setup the correct pairing?

You can find my layout in attachment, could be my poor design the reason that it is not working?

Thank you!!

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