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USB 3.0 Power Pins if Unused? | Cypress Semiconductor

USB 3.0 Power Pins if Unused?

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Hi Cypress Community,

I am designing with the Cypress CYUSB3064-BZXC. It is a MIPI to USB high speed converter BGA.

My question is whether or not I need to have +1.2V power on the pins U3TXVDDQ and U3RXVDDQ if I am NOT using the Superspeed USB 3.0.

I currently have both pins set as No Connects since I'm not using USB 3.0, but I see nothing in the datasheet that says if I can do this or if these power pins still need to be powered.


Thanks for any help or insight you can give! (datasheet attached)


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You can leave U3TXVDDQ  and U3RXVDDQ  open if you are not going to use USB 3.0

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