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USB 3.0 Control Endpoint test time problem | Cypress Semiconductor

USB 3.0 Control Endpoint test time problem

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I have a question regarding Control Endpoint usage, because USB 3.0(CYUSB3014-BZX) enable only 1/4 speed of data transmission compared USB 2.0(CY7C68013A).
In other words, USB 3.0 is slower 4times than USB2.0

Now I programmed through SDK V1.1 and following is Callback Function source coding regarding Control Endpoint.

Indeed source is only the returns against  variables of error handling

At the PC application layer, I used only Read Function of CCyControlEndPoint.

  CyControlEndPoint->Read((PUCHAR )pParam, len);

And firmware, I used coding as following.

  /* Callback to handle the USB setup requests. */
  CyFxSlFifoApplnUSBSetupCB (
        uint32_t setupdat0,
        uint32_t setupdat1
    /* Fast enumeration is used. Only class, vendor and unknown requests
     * are received by this function. These are not handled in this
     * application. Hence return CyFalse. */
//    return CyFalse;

    uint8_t attr, rqt, i2cAddr = 0;
    uint8_t param[4];
uint16_t value, index, length;
    CyBool_t isHandled = CyTrue;
    CyU3PReturnStatus_t status = CY_U3P_SUCCESS;
uint8_t bytRet, i, read_byte;

    /* Parse the control request parameters. */
    attr    =  (uint8_t) (setupdat0 & 0x000000FF);
    rqt     =  (uint8_t)((setupdat0 & 0x0000FF00) >> 8);
    value   = (uint16_t) (setupdat0 >> 16);
    index   = (uint16_t) (setupdat1 & 0x0000FFFF);
    length  = (uint16_t) (setupdat1 >> 16);

    param[0] = (uint8_t) (value & 0x00FF);
    param[1] = (uint8_t) ((value & 0xFF00) >> 8);
    param[2] = (uint8_t) (index & 0x00FF);
    param[3] = (uint8_t) ((index & 0xFF00) >> 8);

   /* Fast enumeration is used. Only vendor is handled here. */
    if ((attr & CY_U3P_USB_TYPE_MASK) != CY_U3P_USB_VENDOR_RQT)
        return CyFalse;

    switch (rqt)
         case erGETERRCODE:
              length = 1;
              glEp0Buffer[0] = GET_ERRORCODE();
              status = CyU3PUsbSendEP0Data(length, glEp0Buffer);

Best Rgds,


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Hi Juny,

I am interested to know the way you are measuring the speed of data transmission. Please let me know.


sai krishna.

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Read function of internal memory value get.

the same behavior with a thousand times, and used the average value is Test time

Performance measurement to use the "QueryPerformanceCounter function" of API

Best Rgds,


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