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Update the firmware in the I2C EEPROM

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Hello, everyone,

I have downloaded the firmware into the I2C EEPROM. It is working well. Now I want to update the firmware in the same EEPROM chip. This will be very useful for our customers. Is it possible? When I reset the DVK board, it will automatically boot from the I2C EEPROM and the message ”Please reset your device to download firmware” will pop up if  I try to download a new firmware to the I2C E2PROM in the USB Control Center. How can I achieve that? Any suggest will be appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Lehua Chen  
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You could do one thing with the DVK. You can just remove the J42 and press the reset button. Then Control Center recognizes your device as a default bootloader device. Then put the jumper back on J42 and try programming the DVK.


sai krishna.

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