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the uart infterface dont work | Cypress Semiconductor

the uart infterface dont work

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i am using the fx3 dvk board ,i open the UartAssist kit on the pc ,then load firmware in the fx3sdk examples(slfifosync),some information should be printed,but nothing happened ,so i modify the code :uartConfig.isDma = CyFalse;

the cycontrol recognized the device after load the firmware.why?

pcb:600-60015-01 rev03

identify code:16410-PAC027

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The slavefifo examples in the SDK print a message on the UART only if there has been an error such as when an API doesnt return successfully.Please add a CyU3PDebugPrint() API call in the SlFifoAppThread_Entry() function after CyFxSlFifoApplnDebugInit() API call.This should print a message to UART.





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