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Two Quick Questions about FX3 Slave FIFO | Cypress Semiconductor

Two Quick Questions about FX3 Slave FIFO

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1) What is the EPSWITCH pin for?  It is in the GPIF interface description, but I cannot find any documentation of what it does.

2) If I made a new Slave FIFO specification, using the GPIF II Designer, by building off of one of the provided Cypress Slave FIFO interfaces, can I simply switch out the generated header file with the header in the cyfxsyncslfifo example and have it immediately work?

In short, can the SDK examples be treated as a framework, with which you can simply switch out a new GPIF header?

(Obviously, you would need to declare any new pins as outputs / inputs, make sure the directions are right, etc., - I'm more referring to the CyFX function calls that setup the GPIF state machine from within the firmware).

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1. Please look at, EPSWITCH is just a nomenclature used to refer to the external logic that interfaces to Slave FIFO.

2. The setup calls and calls to get GPIF II running etc etc are independent of your GPIF II Descriptor so what you're asking is doable.



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