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Transfer commands with EP0. | Cypress Semiconductor

Transfer commands with EP0.

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I want to send commands to my device using EP0. But when I try to transfer any data to EP0 in USB Contorl Center it return:

CONTROL OUT transfer
CONTROL OUT transfer failed with Error Code:997

What this mean?

How I can transfer commands for driving my device? I want to do it same as Class-Specific Requests in UVC.

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Have you written the code necessary to handle the requests that you're sending to the device through Control center???

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Take "USBBulkLoopAutoEnum" example code as reference.

You can look for function "CyFxBulkLpApplnUSBSetupCB", which handles all the setup requests.

If you want to send some vendor commands then add code (in CyFxBulkLpApplnUSBSetupCB) similar to the one mentioned below.

if ( bType == CY_U3P_USB_VENDOR_RQT)


/* write your own to code to parse the commands*/

return CyTrue;



sai krishna.

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Thank you. It work.

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