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Is there Slave FIFO Manual Mode in FX3 ? | Cypress Semiconductor

Is there Slave FIFO Manual Mode in FX3 ?

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i know that FX2 have  Slave FIFO Manual Mode. but i don't know in FX3.

So i have question about fx3 slave fifo operation,

 is Slave FIFO controlled by "GPIF II program" ? (have slave fifo  relationship with GPIF II?)


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In FX2LP SLave FIFO and GPIF were two separate blocks. Once you configure it as Slave FIFO, the Slave FIFO block will take over and perform the necessary things like assertion of flags, etc.

Whereas in FX3, Slave FIFO is essentially a different configuration achieved using the same GPIF II block. There are no two blocks fro Slave FIFO and GPIF in FX3, as in FX2LP. For Slave FIFO mode operation, you will have to implement the corresponding state diagram for performing actions like sampling the data, driving the data, sampling the address lines etc at appropriate time. I believe you will be understand more if you go through any of the Slave FIFO examples provided along with GPIF II designer.




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Hi Dv2,

Just to add little bit more information to Gayathri's reply....

You can refer to the following application note.

There is a project attached to the above mentioned application note. You can use that project to implement your design.

If you want to use slave FIFO in manual mode then you need to create a DMA manual channel so that you can modify the data in FX3 firmware. You can do this by uncommenting //#define MANUAL in cyfxslfifosync.h file.


sai krishna.

I Want to communicate with i want to know the path of files  (SF_loopback.img , SF_streamIN.img , SF_streamOUT.img) ...I checked cypress/sdk/fx3/1.3/firmware folder but i didn't get any folder like that...So Please Give ur answer soon...

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