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Sync slave fifo limitations | Cypress Semiconductor

Sync slave fifo limitations

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    On the 'readme.txt' file of slfifosync example, there is the following literature:

    "Know limitation

    The minimum transfer size to perform data read/write access from/to the fx3 device shoud be three words."

    What will happen if I perform 2 words burst transfer from/to FX3?

    I tryed to perfrom 2 words burst transfer from/to FX3 and anything seems ok. Data does not lost. No error occurs.

    Another question, If I want to transfer 258 words(4 bytes/word) and use 1024bytes buffer, Should I perform 256words full pcaket transfer + 2words single transfer?

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I think, this limitation was in the beta SDK. The current Application note and data sheet do not have this limitation printed in. Here also it works fine with 2 words per burst with the release sdk. Combining the full and the partial full flag, the FX3 works on the slave fifo side nearly like the FX2

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