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SPI in FX3-DVK | Cypress Semiconductor


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 Dear  guys,

      From the DVK board layout  and programme mannual, the gpio in the GPIF can be configured as a SPI  IOs. However because of lack of pins in another connect board, so we want to use the   " J2" or "J34"in  the DVK as the spi to connect   a  sensor board  .

    But we do not know  the J2 and J34 can be connected to the  sensor board or not , and if connected ,  is it easy to hanld the spi to process datas form or to the sensor ?  thanks

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You can use J34 to connect to connect SPI lines to the image sensor.

I am assuming here that you are going to make a custom board to connect FX3 DVK to the image sensor and you are going to use SPI hardware block (GPIO[53] to GPIO[56]) present in the FX3.


Sai Krishna.

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