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slfifosync SDK example question

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i want to use the slfifosync SDK example with 8bit parallel data bus width.

Do I have to configurate something inside the source code for this?

Best regards


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Hi g,

Please do the following,

1. In cyfxslfifogpifdscr.c file change the following line from

     {CY_U3P_PIB_GPIF_BUS_CONFIG_ADDRESS  , 0x000018a7},



This changes the GPIFII configuration Data bus width setting.


2. The address pins A[0] and  A[1] need to be connected to GPIO[8] and GPIO[9] instead of GPIO[28] and GPIO[29].



Manish Rao

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Is it also possible to run the Slave FIFO interface in 32 bit mode?

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Hi Chris,

Yep. The 32 bit Slave FIFO support is being worked on. It will be incorporated in the next version of the SDK.




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