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Signed driver for FX3 DVK available now | Cypress Semiconductor

Signed driver for FX3 DVK available now

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Signed driver for FX3 DVK are now available as part of the SDK/SuiteUSB installation availabel at



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I am using this driver and I have updated the VID and PID in my code, and in the inf provided by Cypress. It is all workiong well. Is there an guideline I can follow to get WHQL certification as all I have changed is the VID and PID? I know Microsoft has alot of stuff on their website, but I am hoping for an app note from Cypress specific to the FX3.



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See if this article helps you in anyway:


sai krishna.

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Hi Sai, I just downloaded and installed V1.2.1, I used the same VID PID in BlukLoopExample, but change the VID_04B4&PID_00F0.DeviceDesc to a different string, installation is fine, but CYUSB3 became NOT digital signed! I don't want to get WHQL, I just want the driver with my string and be able to install on WIN7 X64, it is bad with BlukLoopExample stamped into my product. How to customize the CYUSB3 signed driver?

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This is not possible. EVERY change to the inf and/or sys file discards the driver signature.

We use the WinUSB driver, which is always signed by Mcrosoft and available on every Windows since XP SP2. With WinUSB you can make your inf file as you want, you will only get a warning at the installation, but the driver itself is already inside windows and signed. There is no need to copy anything to the system´s directory, so you don´t need a WHQL signature. With a code signung signate from symantec or other services you can sign the inf and the warning disappears. Also for this there is no WHQL process necessary, and such code signing signatures are avaibable for 99 USD.

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I am having this same problem.  Device manager shows the unknown device and it has non-zero VID/PIDs.  I just lack a driver for Windoews 7 32 bit.

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Go to this webpage:

And download the "Super Speed USB Suite for Windows" package and install it.

You will find drivers for all OS's in there.



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