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Serial Configuration Utility

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Hai, I saw the USB serial configuration utility setup for usb 2.0 in cypress website.But I want USB serial configuration utility setup for CYUSB3KIT-001 FX3 DVK....Because i want to change the vendor id and product id for my application. So where i will get that setup...Please send the Link...


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The VID, PID for CYUSB3KIT-001 can be changed in the firmware. In the descriptor file, you can specify the VID and PID in the device descriptor. The FX3 SDK is used to edit and program firmware.


- Madhu Sudhan


Thank you Mr.Sudhan...I am also changed that VID and PID....And now i got the i accessing my own vid pid...thank for ur kind reply..



Now i have another question...In the file AN65974 57 some .img files are given...

fx3_slaveFIFO2b_xilinx (VHDL File)




 I searched this files in cypress folder but i didn't get any files like that where i will get this files and how do i get ...

Bcoz I want to interface my fpga designing board with cyusb3kit-001 dvk board and i want to get the read and write signals from this board via oscilloscope....So please reply soon and give ur comments too... 

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