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SDK 1.1 doesn't have 64 bit driver for win7 | Cypress Semiconductor

SDK 1.1 doesn't have 64 bit driver for win7

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Am I missing something?  I only see x86 drivers after installing the SDK 1.1.

When will the signed driver be available?

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Signed drivers will be available through DVK installation. The 32-bit/64-bit driver is chosen for installation by the installer based on  whether the OS is 32/64-bit. 

You can get the 64-bit driver using the SuiteUSB 64-bit installer available in the SDK page



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I already had SDK 1.1 installed.

I've just installed the latest USB Suite. over this.  ie. CySuiteUSB3_x64_B403.msi

But it looks to me like the drivers are still unsigned.

Win7 device manager shows a "!" and teh status "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device."

Do you know when signed drivers will be available?


PS: The Cypress Update Manager does not work for me either. It says "Unable to get updates fromm update server. Please check for network connections / Contact Cypress Support"

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That problem I had as well!. I waited some time to see whether someting changed, but it didn't.

Then I de-installed all (!!!) my affected programs, downloaded the latest version and installed them again. That did work, but that did take some time! (I've got a poor dsl bandwidth)


Hope your's is better




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