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recommend 19.2Mhz crystal

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We would like to build a FX3 board, but having trouble to get NDK's NX3225SA crystal using in the cypress' develop kit. The parts list in the ap note AN70707 also confusing me. ITTI I16 series doesn't have 19.2Mhz spec. Epson FA-H20 (should be FA-20H?), NX2520SA and Scaonix-FL series are all with Max R1 = 80Ohm under 19.2Mhz and 100uW max driving level, which won't pass the selection criteria. Only NA3225SA it has 200uW max driving level can be use. Are there other recommend crystal parts can use ?

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Please send a mail to PRJI@CYPRESS.COM, I'll give you NDK contact details.


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