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questions in dataflow from GPIF in to the in endpoint | Cypress Semiconductor

questions in dataflow from GPIF in to the in endpoint

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1,what is the "sockets"  ,Are sockets the buffers in Sysmem?  Because in the concrete application, the external FIFO connects to the GPIF, the data from the FIFO is written into the sockets, I should know where it is physically.

2,Can you tell me the detail of the data flow from a FIFO to endpoint? I roughly know they are accomplished through the DMA. Can the FIFO to producer sockets be concurrent with the consumer sockets to endpoint? if not, the largest throughput is less than 3.2GPS, it maybe 1.6Gps

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 Socket is the entity to/from which data is written/read from.

We can multiple threads running so there shouldn't be any issues with regards to throughput. But I didn't quite understand your concern, are you asking if producer socket waits for the entire DMA buffer size of data to be written before it is transferred to the consumer socket?



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It is approximately similar.  

the data flow maybe  like gragh below


external FIFO——>producer sockets——>consumer sockets——>endpoints


Are the  four steps executing parallely rather than serially.


After all, I only have document of "programmer manual" and "datasheet", So I don't know the detail of  DMA system and endpoints.


So it will be very kind  of you to offer me some documents on this.


thank you! Anand!^_^

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