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Questions about GPIF design and API in VC++ | Cypress Semiconductor

Questions about GPIF design and API in VC++

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 Hi guys, I have been thinking of the master mode of GPIF wave design.

1st question:

In 68013 application, I designed a GPIF wave in master mode (REN,WEN and OE signals are output to FPGA), so that the FPGA could transmit or receive data depends on the REN, WEN and OE. In other word, the FPGA is slave.

However, based on the same idea, when I am configuring the GPIF design in new software for CYUSB3014, the WE and OE are still input signals whether the Interface Type is checked with 'master' or 'slave'.  

Can anybody enlights me?

2ed quesiton:

I hope to achive a function, that a customized command is sent to 3014, and then a data(i.e 0xA5) will be recieved from the 3014 based on  a simple code in Visual Studio based on C++. But I have not find any topics about the API in VC, so I have no idea what headers and xx.lib should be included, or where the examples could be availble.

Thank you for your help!!







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Answer to your 1st question:

In case of 68013, you will be developing the wave forms using the GPIF designer tool only when you want to configure the 68013 chip to act as master. That is the reason why you find these WEN, REN and OE are always coming out of the 68013 chip.

But here in case of CYUSB3014, you need to use GPIF II designer tool for configuring both in slave and master modes. So the input and output lines does not change automatically. You need to manually enter the number of inputs and outputs. Also we should be naming them. You can find the "Inputs:", "outputs:" at the bottom of the "Interface settings" page. You can configure your interface using this page.

Coming to your 2nd question:

Please install Cypress SuperSpeed USB Suite Installer located in

You can use Streamer application as a reference for your application development. (C:\Cypress\Cypress SuperSpeed USBSuite\application\cpp\streamer).


sai krishna.

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 Thank you , sai krishna.

I just figure out the CYAPI in my project and I find that the syntax is same as the FX2. But when I try to send some data to 3014 via EP0 based on 'ept->XferData' , I have not found the recive function code of the fireware in some fireware examples.

Then I go to Fireware API Guide, and I found the 'DMA Management' part might be used for the function. So I wander if it is the key of what I told and is there any exmples for EP0 communication?


Thank you so much.



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